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Becoming What We Behold

So, I’ve been wrestling with an age-old question lately.  Actually, not just lately and not just one question.  It’s a series of questions that I have been mulling over for the last two years.  And they are questions that I feel many homeschooling mommas (and people in general) need to pause and reconsider regularly.  They […]


apparently the theme for 36 was ‘Grateful’

It’s my birthday and as is tradition, I have tapped out the lessons, realizations, and affirmations that I’ve learned this year.  Thirty five was a beast of a year.  In fact, I ended that post by saying, “I’m so grateful that 35 is in the books. It was a year of intense purgation. With a […]


When fear drives your homeschool

As I recently wrote, our homeschooling vision statement has become the tool that my husband and I use when we assess the rhythm and flow of our school days.  I will be the first to admit that while I utilize the the Litmus Test of Philippians 4:8 to determine if the content we are studying […]


Creating a homeschooling vision starts with knowing your purpose

One question that I am frequently asked is “Why do you homeschool?”  That question can often be difficult to answer in the check out lane at the grocery store, or while waiting at the doctor’s office, or while the kids are getting a hair cut.  Heck, I’ve even had that conversation while in labor with […]


Back at it

I’m so very excited to be live again on a real-deal blog.  Over Christmas break, my dear husband spent a generous amount of time designing, executing, and moving over my miscellaneous content to this new site.  I have absolutely no skills in this area and gave him just a few ideas that I was hoping […]


tough conversations

A few days ago, James snuggled into my lap and fell asleep.  I truly cannot remember the last time that happened.  He cuddled and slept for over an hour.  It was awesome and sweet and amazing confirmation that I really, really miss having wee little ones to snuggle and to cuddle. Apparently the kids do, […]

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starting over, starting again. starting.

After discerning it, deciding and moving forward, I could not be more grateful that I submitted to God’s will and have moved on from ministry in the parish-setting. We started our atrium sessions a few weeks back.  The biggest difference this year?  We are back to doing it in our home. Me and my kiddos, […]

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new beginnings

Peace. Joy. Peace and joy. This year, the beginning of the year, it feel so very different.  I feel like it is a little gift, a loving grace, from God for being obedient to His call to step down from ministry to be with my family. I’m so dang grateful because this “yes” has granted […]