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Morning Time: Read Alouds, Virtue Training and Faith Formation

If Morning Time is the place in which we are sure to infuse truth, goodness, and beauty into our school day, then it is no wonder that read alouds play an important role in that time.  Well chosen books that help to develop the moral imagination, give thoughtful examples of living the faith, as well […]


Morning Time: Nature Study

As I was brainstorming ideas for Morning Time this past summer, Nature Study made it to the top of the list of activities that I wanted to add in on a weekly basis.  I love being outside, taking hikes with the kids, and slowing down to literally stop and smell the roses and delight in […]


Morning Time and Shakespeare

Last summer, I listened to one of the Read Aloud Revival podcasts in which Sarah Mackenzie interviewed Ken Ludwig about teaching children Shakespeare.  Before the episode was over, I had added Ludwig’s book, How To Teach your Children Shakespeare to my Amazon cart and bought it.  I was sold that this was something that we […]


Morning Time: Prayer Liturgy and Memory Work

While I feel like I’m fumbling through this year a bit, trying to re-evaluate and re-define our schooling expectations so that they align with our homeschool vision statement, one area that I feel like we have achieved that perfect and beautiful ideal is during our daily “Morning Time” block. The idea of Morning Time grew […]